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Marketing has become complex with all the channels, personas and constant change online! I work with you to determine your overall marketing needs through gathering requirements and developing a solutions unique to your organization, not cookie cutter. My services, focus overall on digital marketing with an integrative marketing approach to include both online and offline strategies. 

Areas of expertise include developing:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy to include an audit of your site to determine what works and what doesn't

  • Email Marketing Strategy

  • Integrative Marketing 

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions 

  • Agency selection through an RFP approach if a new digital agency is needed

  • Mentor internal teams and all agencies so they understand what an integrative marketing approach means and work on an overall strategy for your business

  • Speak at conferences and conduct educational seminars

I partner with you to take the mystery out of marketing no matter the size of your business or industry. ​I work with hospitality, restaurant and several other industries small to large, B2C and B2B.​


Are you questioning if your digital marketing is working?

Do you have right agency partner? Are you pulling out all the stops to grow your number one sales person, your website and mobile presence?

Longevity will conduct an overall audit with recommendations to include your website/mobile presence, your online media positioning, where are you on Google (SEO), social media and more. Audits are customizable, based on budget. 

Longevity can work with you on solutions. 


Business keeps going even when you're down a person on your team. With over 20 years of experience in marketing, I can assist to step in, at any level. 

Marketing Support: 

  • Work remotely or come to you and work onsite or do a mix of both while the position is open 

  • Fulfill the daily strategy and tasks needed

  • Evaluate opportunities while in the position

  • Assist in all aspects of marketing from digital, public relations, branding, direct mail, email marketing and more

  • Create marketing and business plans

  • Assist in interviewing for the right person

Retainers are flexible based on your needs. ​


Having been on acquisition teams for new hotel/restaurant openings, overseeing the digital marketing component, I work with your team to develop strategy and get all the checklist items done before the quick deadlines that occur. I can work onsite, remotely or both with flexible retainers.


Longevity Marketing can assist in the overall project management of your marketing solutions and partners to stay on budget and launch on time. It takes strong communication, persistence and expertise to keep projects on task along with understanding when a project needs adjustment.  Many times organizations are stretched and seeing the end result takes longer than needed with start/stops that add in costs. Longevity can be your project management solution for the types of projects listed below and more.

Project Management Expertise:

  • Website Development: Longevity has overseen 150+ Websites over the years in the travel industry and other B2B industries, understanding the importance of kickoff to launch is important and all the steps along the way. Longevity will manage and navigate this for you. Once the site launches, Longevity works with you on or the agency on a maintenance plan.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) : Longevity will work with your organization to select the right CRM and assist in overseeing the implementation with the correct tools and partner to define your customer. After implementation, Longevity will work with your team to fully define the right customer and messaging within each customers journey. 

Working with smaller budgets, Longevity has solutions, partnerships and tools to assist.

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