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Your Integrative Marketing Partner - Bringing Change

Longevity Marketing Solutions, LLC, was founded in 2014 by Jennifer (Jen) Long with a single mission: to be your marketing partner to define and grow your marketing goals. I approach each client with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies.

I started my career in 1994 within hospitality, with a traditional marketing degree and jumping into digital marketing before Google was born! Now a leading expert in all aspects of marketing, I bring that knowledge to your business whether in hospitality, restaurants B2C or B2B to grow your marketing footprint and reach. 


My career consisted in developing digital strategies and overseeing the digital marketing within the competitive travel industry. I've been with the following hospitality management companies:

  • Destination Hotels for 13 years (independent luxury resorts, hotels and condominiums)

  • Millennium Hotels and Resorts for three years (global hotel management company based in Singapore)

  • Sage Hospitality for three years (branded and independent hotels working with Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt)​


  • Work closely with internal teams to develop an integrative marketing approach

  • Oversee agencies, projects and budgets 

  • Project management and oversaw over 150+ websites to include integration of UX, search engine optimization and much more

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) integration and keyword selection

  • Work with CRM partners and develop strategies

  • Hands on work with email marketing and implementation

  • Social media integration and strategy

  • Online pay per click (PPC) and paid media strategy

  • Participate in branding and public relations sessions to integrate into overall marketing

  • Develop marketing and business plans 

  • Work on hotel acquisitions related to marketing

  • Support marketing for hotel and restaurant openings 

  • Global marketing strategies and partners

  • Speak at conferences on topics related to digital and integrative marketing 

  • Develop educational webinars and on-site training for marketing teams 

  • And much more...

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Founder & Marketing Consultant

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